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feeling about the importance of new jersey to republicans? >> i think, look. i think president obama plays less of a role in new jersey that he does in the new york 23rd district or the virginia gubernatorial or others. but i do think president obama does play a role, and it is a sign. look, he got 57 percent of the vote. jon corzine in the summer last 90-odd polls, going back to january, has been at or above 42% several times. they won by 15, and they are scrapping to win it. >neil: yes, but a w is a w, right? >> dip peering into past elections, for example, in virginia, president obama won by six points -- dell the into past elections. let's say he wins by 40 -- delving into past elections. let's say he wins by 14. a swing of five points in the last senatorial elections last fall would have been the difference between republicans having the 40 seats -- a five- point swing towards mccain would have made john mccain president, so if you are a democrat looking at your election in the fall of 2010, and you see a huge swing in the fall of 2009, it has to be unsettling. they could be even stro
the democrats decide to kill their entire break. president obama sprinting to the finish line. we have seen this play out before, have we not, with democrats and republicans? >> we need to get something done. >> urgent need. >> right now. >> not five years from now, but this year. neil: that is like me saying that i will lose 10 pounds by next month. most jobs do tend to be bad jobs, right, and art laffer are is not -- art laffer is not too optimistic about this job, either. he is the author of a book, "the end up prosperity." -- "the end of " prosperity -- of prosperity." if you look at the book that i did with the foreword by ronald reagan, the whole thing that ronald reagan did was plantings at very carefully and purposefully long ahead of time -- honronald reagan did was plad things out very carefully. these guys are running around like chickens. they are going to make huge mistakes, and these guys will affect the population. jimmy carter did. you saw all of the ones with w. there were big, big mistakes. >neil: it is human nature, and i know that you got -- studying for an exam. the alt
back to the reagan administration. of course, that turned out very nicely for the obama administration. neil: people shaking hands. they are going to remember the prior summits, right? is there any sort of a pushback that you get? >> well, maybe a little bit. i think with all due respect to the public, they are busy and doing lots of things. you and i, neil, we focus on this all of the time, every day. i am not sure the average member of the public does remember all of these prior summits. people often confuse talk with action, and both are equated with leadership, and that is why the president does is so much talking. neil: good point. larry, always good having you. larry sabato. $787 billion in stimulus. the part that goes towards job creation, just about $37 billion. still, harry reid plans to take up a new jobs bill that could cost more. and congressman joins us. very good to have you. ka -- a congressman joins us. i do not know if you can see this chart where you are, but maybe we should see something before we do more? what do you think? >> it will take some time for the economy
jon corzine. this despite jon corzine's numerous appearances with president obama. and in virginia, bob mcdonnell and creigh deeds, and in new york, the gop candidate is out and now backs the democratic candidate. the reaction from rnc chairman michael steele just moments from now. first, the opponents of jon corzine not talking to us, but one of our reporters did manage to catch up with him. chris christie will be coming up. chris, the polls have u.s., but they are all very, very tight. -- have you a head. what do you think -- the polls have you ahead. >> it is my job to close the deal now. in the last 30 hours, it is my job to finish this off. that is what we are going to do. we are doing this all over the state, and we are going to be jon corzine tomorrow night matter what daggett gets. neil: what do you make of the argument that if he were not on the ticket, your leave may be a more comfortable one? >> independencts traditionally underperform their poll numbers. we will see what happens. people in new jersey know there are two real choices. it is either me or jon corzine, and p
rating for obama at 49%, the third poll this week putting him below 50%. social democrats stop rushing health care and start rushing jobs? let's ask mike huckabee. he has a brand new book, called "a simple christmas." welcome. there seems to me this thing going on in washington where we are moving towards health care while unemployment data gets worse and worse and worse, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. >> it is as though the house is on fire, and we're worried about how about the music is in the family room. this is insane. there are more out of work and that there have been -- than there have been in a generation. the number is probably 17% if you take into consideration the people who stop applying for jobs because there are not any. this is a huge issue, where one in five americans could be of work right now. let's do something that will cost even more jobs. if you pass this health care bill, you will do things against business and jobs. you have to raise taxes to pay for it, no matter what they tell you, and small business operators will start running people off, b
for president obama to come down off the plane after his big trip to asia. as they're having fun with cameras, were cleaning the lands, we did you farewell. -- as they are cleaning the lens, we bid you farewell. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- neil: harry reid says we need this health care bill to ensure our future. he is happy, but mitch mcconnell is not. mitch mcconnell says this $849 billion bill may close closer to 2.5 trillion dollars. a close sources said that mitch is right. we have a former adviser to john mccain. how do you arrive at your number, versus harry's? >> you go to the program when it is up and running. you look at the first 10 years of full operation, 2.5 trillion dollars in spending. second, you are realistic about the fact that they will not cut $400 billion out of existing programs in the next 12 years. there is not a feasible way for them to do that, so they will not have that offset. neil: the other side argues just the opposite. i will split the difference. either way, it me
? >> very reliable, they have confirmed what we have suspected all along. president obama promised that every typical american family would see their health-care premiums cut by $2,500 per year. now the cbo says that it would increase premiums by $5,000 per year, which is a bad swing. neil: when they talk about this being deficit neutral, even assuming that is accurate, we are making up for it? >> deficit neutral used to mean that it would not cost any more. deficit neutral under this definition means that it will cost you over $1 trillion and we will find $1 trillion in medicare cuts or increased taxes, so that we have the same number on the bottom line. that is not the definition that most americans want. neil: getting 60 votes might be dicey, but they are going to get something, right? >> far too early. if this bombshell from the cbo, a $2,500 cut turning into a $5,000 increase, duplicated by other bomb shells later in, it is too early to predict. neil: does it bother you that many folks are not including these premium figures? that if you were to hunt and look around on the oth
obama. it went for hillary clinton when she was running for the united states senate, and it has been one that the democrats have been targeting from the very beginning, and that is part of the fact of the president taking the democrats out of there and making him an appointee for the army. they have an election again next year, and i think the important point here is not only in that race but around the nation. we see a lot of people out there who are independents, who are fed up and to, all you have to do is look at the polls in terms of the popularity of congress, look at people's reaction to the fact that we are spending the next generation's birthright, at a time when people are concerned about jobs, and this administration is putting all of their chips on health care as the nation reaches almost 10% unemployment, and you see a lot of good reasons why the independents went 2 to 1 in virginia. neil: i do want to ask you to follow-up on what happened in this hoffman situation. >> i thought i did that very eloquently. you could do not give me attitude. i am just kidding. they argued
. neil: you have very good relations with the obama administration. on the one hand, it must've been very flattering, but on the other, you must be banging your head against the wall. >> you do not want to beat the goalie close to any administration, and they do not want to be close particularly to you. from our perspective, the obama administration has done a number of things that are important from our perspective, mostly focusing on a national broadband plan, which is something that all of us can agree will bring great prosperity to america and give us an opportunity to really innovate. cneil: but they are not above looking into your business or antitrust issues because a lot of folks are saying you're getting too big. >> we expect that, and the regulators have a job to do, and we expect an artist in the u.s. but also in europe. from our perspective, in terms of my message to the administration, it is really about innovation. google is an example of a company that can help invent new industries in america, can really bring jobs back, can really bring the kind of america that all of us
in the house and senate. neil: in 1994. >> yeah. sorry about that. this administration, the obama administration, is full of clinton veterans, the secretary of state, joe poa defendant yo -- podesta, key advisor and rahm emmanuel. they've been essential to the congress in the details of this plan. so now i think it's kind of a critical moment, four and a half weeks left in the legislative calendar. and they realized that the senate still doesn't have all of the fine print out. neil: so let me ask you this. obviously they seem to be thinking we're going to take our lumps probably in the mid-term elections but we'll take even bigger lumps if we don't even vote on a package like in 1993 and 1994. so better to vote on a package, any package, than not. right? >> pretty much. basically you stake the president's entire first-term legacy on health care, you stake so much of your own first and second-rear agenda on this. if we don't do anything, you're perceived as just impotent. so even if you scale back, not covering the uninsured, maybe scaling back the size of the bill, changing the ta
: when michael bloomberg said he supports the obama administration's decision to prosecute terrorist in new york , they can face justice near the site where some many new yorkers were murdered. what do you make sense of? >> they should be treated as war criminals, because it was an act of war. this was an act of war, an act of terror. they should be prosecuted in a military tribunal. we would not have tried the people who attacked pearl harbor in a civilian court in hawaii for what they did. and it is not just the danger, it is for unnecessary reasons. again, if this was the only option, the mayor was right, we should do it in new york. it is not the only option. there's a whole ideological decision behind what is happening here. everyone is more concerned with what people think of us, what the rights of terrorists should be. believe me, in a criminal trial, the rights of terrorists are more important than anything else. our system is geared to let the guilty people go free, if there is any doubt. better to have nine guilty go free than one innocent person convicted. a very different
there. >> good afternoon, neil. president obama will address the situation unfolding at fort hood at about 5:00 when he is giving remarks at a conference that has been held all day at the department of interior, said just about 5:00, the president will conclude that -- so just about 5:00, the president will conclude that and let us know what he knows about the situation unfolding at fort hood. neil: very early on, the fbi seems to have indicated that there is not a terrorism nexus involved here. is that typical, so quickly to confirm that? >> i am not an expert on the fbi procedures on the quickness of it or the apparent quickness of it, but, obviously, in a post- 9/11 world, that is a question as they coordinate a response to whatever it is they are responding to, and if they can eliminate that early on, then that allows them to focus their efforts and focus their resources in a different way. if you cannot answer that, it becomes a much larger -- broader law enforcement net. those are preliminary questions that the fbi and state and local law enforcement try to answer as quickly
quietly campaigning behind the scenes. >> barack obama gets a nobel peace prize, i get a bump in the polls. i think it is my parents on your show that has -- neil: throw your way back -- [laughter] >> exactly right. neil: you more than one me over with this comment. [laughter] >> if you said right now, i do not want bernanke he, i want someone with no -- >> neil cavuto. >> [laughter] neil: so he is back in our good graces. when we first had don imus joins fox business network, a lot of people said, what does don imus had to do with business? besides being a media icon, he is a powerful guy. what other business growth and could help elected governor of new jersey? lacks i would like to send greetings to my family from callahan, florida. neil: to say that don imus is not your morning cup of tea would be an understatement. but he has electrified the mornings on fox business network. interviewees take note. if you think that this is going to be a mildly placid chat, think again. every morning i would start out with an apology for anything you might say in the next two hours. >> i look like i'm
obama has issued an executive order on these programs, the day would go favorably and accurately with us -- that they would go favorably and accurately with us. neil: but it never happens. you say 3% to 5%. i have heard as high as 10%. my worry is that the bigger the the numbers get, the bigger these abuses look. you are talking about $30 billion to $50 billion by your math, checks are still going out to dead people, prison inmates, 4-year-old. it keeps happening and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. >> yes, there is something that we can do and we are working on it as you speak. funding those things, those programs, those people. neil: but they are not. they might try, but dead people are getting jackson. nei>> 95% of it is getting out. it is too much money, too much for seniors, there is too much abuse. the new health care bill will bring some of that into each department. i agree, dead people, people in prison and the like, should not be getting any. but 95% are proper. neil: i reprimanded my voice for this. >> they are good boys. hopefully they will be employed and they c
is finally decided. neil: thank you, ambassador. president obama, getting a big win from the republic of china of. the chinese asked the president today how he planned to pay for the health care plan. they found $800 billion -- with us now, liz cheney. what you make of this lecture from the chinese? >> on this issue they have a legitimate concern. many americans have the same concern. at a time when our economy is clearly struggling, for the president to put in place these massive health reform programs, it is not responsible. the president needs to be cutting taxes and spending. the engine of growth in the economy needs to be able to create jobs. instead we see the administration really using the economic downturn as an excuse to put in place these new programs that are creating a deficit. the chinese are not the only ones concerned. neil: some people are saying that if we do not get a handle on this, the just is that we will have big problems. and that this is my way of addressing that. it seems to have pacified the chinese audience. what you think of that? >> frankly i think that t
] neil: how do you think that obama is doing? >> he is a good leader, i wish you would focus on the job situation. that is a gimme. you have also got to worry more about security. neil: you would not have dealt with health care? >> no, i feel that you need to do something with health care but i would not be doing it now. i would have a laser light focus on trying to improve the job situation today. neil: yes or no, quickly, comcast and general motors -- general electric are going to come to pass on nbc? >> yes. >> we have put a tax cut into the pockets of working families. >> 95% of working families. >> to 95% of americans. neil: lots of hype, lots of hope, but millions of people who got small tax cuts are going to have to cut of assam a big check later. who will get hit? >> tax cuts for a signature promise of the president on the campaign trail many months ago. it seems that maybe he should have had a different name for them. maybe they should have been called you pay tax cuts instead. many americans have received tax cuts up to $400.800 dollars apiece, but it seems, according to a new
, but there is applause for barack obama? in the stands that we take? america should have been applauded for the people that we lost in this war that changed the world and freed a nation. what do we hear? the old political correctness instead of calling it the way that it is. neil: thank you very much. pay more taxes, keep more jobs? the trends that may have started, do nothing steps tropical strom ida is packing a punch them of Ășn neil: crude oil jumped $2 today, because of hurricane ida. transocean is one of the companies that evacuate its rigs. >> we evacuate about 100 people. we are watching to see this tropical storm get behind us. neil: you are not looking for this to materialize into something huge? >> and no, we should note tonight at the storm has pushed through. in the morning, when permitting, we will go out, industrywide, looking at the rigs and checking them out. neil: when you have a situation like this, the delay in getting oil out, is a significant issue? a short-term spike? what? >> we leased ships to the oil companies. i cannot comment on that situation. i know that we will be report
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